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Work @Create

User-centred guidance 

GOV.UK provides accurate and timely information for everyone who needs it: including citizens, professionals and businesses. We've worked with policy, product and legal teams across multiple departments to provide clear, user-friendly content that meets user needs. 

Past successes have included restructuring collections for SEO, introducing patterns that better support user needs, and establishing workflows for content sign off and governance.


Digital transformation and brand work

The University of Southampton's award-winning OneWeb project seeks to transform their digital services with a focus on user needs. We helped to research, design and relaunch their accommodation offering: supporting UK and international students at every step of their complex journey from browsing to arriving. 

We also co-designed the University's student life section - defining and celebrating the USPs of the city and University by establishing a new approach to language, imagery and visualisation.


Communications strategy

People need information, but no one likes spam. We've  researched, mapped and redesigned communications strategy for multiple government services. This work has helped to ensure people receive the targeted information they need, when they need it - reducing the need to contact help desks. 


Workshops and training

Our background in business coaching and training has helped us to design and deliver events that generate agreement and positive change. 

We know how to bring people together to establish constructive collaboration. Our events help projects and teams to talk, plan and action. 

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