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About Create


I'm a senior content designer, UX writer and creative strategist.

I’ve worked across many roles and sectors over the past 15 years, but one theme unites every working moment: creativity.


From content design, to social engagement; coaching, to running business workshops; gathering user research, to setting global content strategy - I have a passion for working with people in a fresh and focused way.


I help brands to make their voices heard across platforms. With a background in designing digital content in the UK and Australia, I know what it takes to engage customers around the world.


Most days you'll find me writing, working with users and stakeholders, or analysing data to create and implement effective strategy.


I'm a great collaborator with a track record of forging strong partnerships with marketers, brand teams, designers, developers, analysts and clients at all levels.


I also work well independently. Hand me a brief and I'll take a proactive approach to deliver what you need, when you need it.


If you need a fresh idea presented in a compelling way, look no further. Get in touch to find out what we can achieve together.

Hi, I'm Kate @Create

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